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Winter sun in Dubai


Things People Usually Miss When They Visit Dubai

Dubai has shown a major transformation over its landscape in a very short time. Once it was an array of deserts and sandy hills and now it is an ultramodern city with many architectural wonders. Dubai has world’s first 7 star hotels, tallest building, biggest indoor skiing facility and what not. This is something which everyone knows about and would not miss when he visits Dubai. However, there is more life to Dubai than you think and places to visit which anyone would hardly mention but still are great. Here we enlist things people usually miss on a Dubai Tour. We will not include things about Abu Dhabi Tour and this is in relevance with just Dubai not UAE


Adventure sports in the sand:

You might think what someone could do in such a monotonous landscape for adventure. Well, there is a grand scope of adventure in the sands. Dune buggies are readily available for rent in Dubai. You can just hire one and go hit the Desert safari. You can get them in form of a package too along with transportation and excellent BBQ food.  Before you start pumping adrenaline you will have to take a little training session. For people who are experienced, they can go hit the sands directly. Another great opportunity you can harass is sand boarding. It is a very similar sport to snowboard and the difference is obvious, what snow does there is done by slippery shiny sand here. If you are doing it for the first time you can pick a less traffic area and try. This can be enjoyed throughout the year for a small price.


Calm Waters:

Deserts sound dry and it could be hard to imagine water there. Well, there are a lot of hidden oases and pools in the region. A tour guide with knowledge of them could probably show them to you. Hatta Rock Pools is the place you should be digging and it is in the Hajar Mountains nearby


Dubai Outskirts:

Dubai is a place with rich mid-eastern culture. It is probably been shielded under the tall buildings and skyscrapers but in the outskirts you will get the taste of real mid-east. Buraimi, historic village and the largest camel market in the world. These things are something you would have never seen in your life and you will take home a bunch of new experiences and memories.

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