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Cayman Islands

Things to do in the Cayman Isles

The Cayman Isles are an enduringly popular destination for Caribbean cruise travellers. Extremely well equipped to welcome travellers on tight time schedules, the islands are awash with both daytime and nocturnal pursuits. Indeed, you may want to allow a stop of at least a couple of days here in order to make the most of all that the islands have to offer. Most Cayman Isles cruise stopovers will dock at the George Town port on Grand Cayman and from there regular bus services and taxis are on hand to take travellers on to the attractions of their choice.

Thrilling Underwater Adventures

The Cayman Isles’ clear waters that teem with colourful marine life make this a favourite destination among divers and there is no shortage of opportunity to take a diving or snorkelling trip. If that sounds a little too adventurous you could make a visit to Stingray City. One of the Cayman Isles’ most popular attractions, Stingray City allows swimmers to get up close and personal with hundreds of rays, all of which are tame. With some of these magnificent creatures measuring up to three feet, this is a real underwater adventure for nature lovers. If the idea of meeting a three-foot ray up close doesn’t appeal the Atlantis Adventure submarine tour makes a 40-minute journey that offers stunning views of the many inhabitants of the sea.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Caymans

Once you have experienced a fish’s eye view of the islands, you could take in a bird’s eye view. For those who are pressed for time, a helicopter tour over these beautiful islands, with their crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, is an ideal way to appreciate the stunning natural landscape in all its glory. The helicopters fly at a low altitude, allowing passengers to see the marine life swimming below the surface of the turquoise waters. Shorter helicopter flights can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you book online in advance, although those with deep pockets can pay extra for luxury VIP flights complete with champagne. A free shuttle service whisks helicopter passengers directly from the cruise ship port George Town to the helicopter port in under five minutes.

A Devilishly Popular Destination

No flying visit to the Cayman Islands would be complete without paying a visit to Hell, which is in fact the name of a town on Grand Cayman that is most notable for a curious rock formation that makes for a terrific photo opportunity. Less than five minutes from the cruise ship port by taxi, a visit here is worth it if only for the opportunity to say that you have been to Hell and back – and don’t forget to send a postcard from Hell while you are there.

Follow in the Footsteps of Royalty

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden – named after the most famous of all its visitors – is found on the northern side of Grand Cayman and is easily reached by bus or taxi transfer from the George Town port. The picturesque gardens are home to some magnificent colourful flora and fauna, including tropical birds and butterflies and the rare blue iguana.

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