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Things You Should Not Forget to Take Along On a Beach Vacation

Traveling is not only fun and exciting, but it is also incredibly relaxing. Leisure traveling is nothing like business tourism. It is your chance to unwind in every sense, when you do not have to worry about attending meetings, replying to E-mails and meeting deadlines. Over the years as more people have started to travel, it has become more of a lifestyle element. There are fashion and style products that are particularly associated with traveling. Airport fashion, beach fashion, trekking accessories, and many other style categories are being added at lifestyle and fashion stores.

Most people who plan their leisure trips exclusively to relax and unwind, generally tend to opt for beach vacations. Beach getaways are exhilarating in every way, especially if you are traveling to a tropical location to find an escape from the extended harsh winters in the West. The crisp sunlight on the soft beach sand and a dip in the sea is the best definition of a perfect tropical vacation.

Whether you are traveling to someplace as exotic as Bora Bora or Cape Town, or someplace as happening as Thailand, the excitement and freshness of the beach remain intact. One of the most important parts of traveling is packing up, and there is no point of a vacation when you stuff suitcases full of unnecessary items, only to end up managing and carrying the burden at the airports. If you are planning a beach vacation anytime soon, here is how you should pack and things you must take along when heading to a tropical getaway.

The Right Luggage

The most basic requirement for any trip is to have the right kind of luggage. Your luggage is going to carry the essential items that you will be taking along. Interestingly, most people are very negligent towards investing in the right kind of bag or even considering the kind of luggage that will be fit for the kind of trip that you are heading to.

A suitcase that you carry on your business trips will not work for your vacation in Koh Samui. Moreover, there are a dozen other factors that you need to consider when picking up a piece of luggage such as ease of handling, space, reliability, and durability, security systems, water resistance, among many others. It is highly recommended that you pack as lightly as possible and therefore the best luggage for your beach trip would be a stylish backpack or a cabin-sized four-wheeler.

If you are going for an extended vacation and especially if you are traveling along with kids, A large four-wheeler along with a backpack should be good enough.  Four-wheel bags are extremely convenient to carry along at the airports. Backpacks are great when you are going for day trips and excursions and they are easy to carry without leaving you physically exhausted.

The Right Clothes

It is very important that you factor in the weather conditions at your destination in order to be sure that you are taking the right clothing for yourself and your kids if they are traveling along. Generally, tropical beaches tend to have a hot and humid climate and therefore you will need light, summery clothes. Keep separate swimsuits and diving suits if you intend to take a dip in the seas. Many tourist decides not to take their own swimsuits along and prefer buying it from their destination on the spot.

Although there are not many issues with that option per se, it is still recommended that you pack a pair of your own to avoid last minute problems such as unavailability of your size. Moreover, if you intend to shop for swimming suits from your destination, know that usually, it can be expensive to shop from touristy beach destinations.


Although most good beach resorts and hotels do provide complimentary toiletries, however, it is always a good idea to take travel size toiletries along. One reason is that you do not know if the formula of the products provided by your resort will suit you. Even if you are comfortable with using the complimentary toiletries, make sure you do keep sunscreen with good SPF value. Beaches are all about lots of sunlight and tanning and it is extremely important for you to use a good Sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type.

Diver’s Watch

If you intend to take a swim into the deep waters, a good diver’s watch is a must-have. Divers watches are designed to work flawlessly in the deep sea. They are not your regular waterproof watch, which are designed to stand a few splashes or an accidental fall in the water. Dedicated diver’s watches are designed to resist water pressure up to a certain extent while you are exploring underwater.

Of course, the better the pressure resistance, the better the watch will be considered. Since watches are also considered as a fashion accessory, you would want to go for a watch that is stylish and can also work as a diver’s watch at the same time. One of the best choices for this purpose is the Breitling Superocean watch. Breitling has established itself as a brand that stands for class and quality. The  Superocean watch has a classy mesh strap and a sapphire crystal that makes it a timeless beauty. The technical prowess of the watch is unparalleled as the watch can function perfectly at over 6000 feet of water.


Vacations are all about nice clicks that you would want to post on your Instagram. Even if you are not a selfie person, you would still want to look good on your vacations and therefore it is a good idea to take along a vanity. That being said, you do not have to take a large vanity case. Instead, make a small pouch of travel sized products that can easily fit into your luggage without eating up a lot of space.


No holiday is complete without memorable pictures and a good camera is crucial for good quality pictures. Many people today also rely on cell phone cameras, but in that case, make sure your cell phone camera has good specs that allow HD pictures.

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