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Sunset on Santorini - the top 10 Greek Islands


Top 10 Greek Islands you Should Visit in Greece

The top 10 Greek Islands are worth your time. Consider that Greece brings to its visitors a variety of lovely islands that are rocky, green, or mountainous surrounded by crystal clear waters.

With so many islands and beaches that offer serenity and many things to do, it is apparent that Greece has become the most traveled destination in the Mediterranean region of Europe. This feature on the top 10 Greek Islands has been updated for 2016.

There are many islands that are popular for cheap Greece holidays. However, there are some that are popular for attracting elite and young crowds. The Greek islands offer the traveler great variety. Some Greek islands are small and remote, while others are populous and lively.

The Top 10 Greek Islands

Here for your enjoyment are the top 10 Greek Islands. The magical islands of Greece that any traveler to the Mediterranean region should aim to visit at least once while on holiday.

The Greek Island of Santorini

Santorini is popular for its lovely whitewashed houses, spectacular sea views, breathtaking sunsets, and the active volcano. The cobblestones streets between the houses, dotted with cafes, shops, and restaurants clinging on the high cliff are to be seen to be believed.

If you are going to see only one Greek Island, then Santorini it is.

Sunset on Santorini - the top 10 Greek Islands

The island of Santorini is also featured in our choice selection of top five Greek Island Experiences in the Mediterranean. The Greek island of Santorini is extremely popular for its sunset vistas.

On a clear day watching the sunset on Santorini is perhaps one of the most beautiful views on Earth. It is little wonder that Santorini is so popular as the mix of things to see and so is just right for any visitor. Santorini is surely one of the top 10 Greek Islands.

Crete The Largest Greek Island

Crete is the largest island of Greece, which is also densely populated. The island brings you a wide range of accommodation options, shops, nightclubs, and restaurants. Although there are no longer any Minotaurs it is still easy to see why Crete is one of the top 10 Greek Islands.

Crete Greece - the top 10 Greek Islands

The old towns of Crete, Rethymno and Chania are beautiful and always stay busy with the tourists. The beaches on the south coast of Crete are unspoilt along with untouched mountain villages that offer the best food in Crete if not the entire country of Greece.

The main attraction on Crete is the Idi or the Psiloritis, the highest peak in Greece, which attracts keen hikers from all over the world. With such original hiking trails, links to Ancient Mythology and stunning views it is little wonder Crete is so popular with explorers.

Visit the Greek Isle of Mykonos for Night Life

Mykonos is a multi-ethnic island among Greek islands with crazy nightlife. The island is flooded with celebrities, wannabes, and gays during summer and hop bar to bar during nights. Mykonos is one of the top 10 Greek Islands because of the party lifestyle it offers.

The Greek Island of Mykonos - the top 10 Greek Islands
The town is beautiful with whitewashed steps streets with boutiques, cafes, galleries, restaurants, and bars. So, if you have plans to visit Mykonos, do not forget to load your wallet with lots of cash and credit cards.

Nights out on Mykonos can be rather expensive when frequenting the hotels, bars and nightclubs of the isle.

The Greek Island of Hydra is a Quiet Peaceful Island

Hydra is a very beautiful island of the isles, offering distinctive Greek architecture conserved because of strict development policy. The island restricts the usage of motorbike and cars and instead the mode of transportation is frequently mules with their owners. While this might at first seem primitive, it is intentionally part of the charm of island life on Hydra. It is a peaceful, idyllic life that those who live there are determined to preserve.

Hydra Greece - the top 10 Greek Islands
Nightlife on the island of Hydra typically is not very lively at all, as this is one of the more tranquil Greek islands. However, it is active enough to relax you on your holidays. If it is peaceful solitude that is important then Hydra is among the top 10 Greek Islands for its beauty and relative seclusion.

Chios for Medieval Greek Villages and History

Chios is a lovely island for sightseeing as it is split from Turkey. The most popular sight is the Nea Moni, which is an 11th-century monastery. Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and is roughly 7 kilometers off the Anatolian coast. The island of Chios is actually separated from nearby Turkey by the Çeşme Strait.

Chios - the top 10 Greek Islands
Chios stakes a claim to be the birthplace of Homer from ancient Greek mythology, one of the first and great epic Greek poets.

Chios instills a record of rich heritage and culture commencing from the Neolithic period and including adventures and escapades with various Saracene pirates and the Turks during the Greek Revolution.

The island of Chios also gave rise to many eminent Greek politicians, scholars and authors such as Emmanouil Roidis, Adamantios Korais and Alexandre Mavrokordatos to name a few.

To explore many medieval villages in Chios, do visit the southern part of the island. Here you will discover many fine examples of ancient Greek towns and villages.

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Paros Offers Culture, Beauty and Night Life

Paros is the most beautiful island of the Greek islands with beaches and exuberant nightlife. The town looks charming with the cobblestone streets and the colorful vines of bougainvilleas.

Paros - the top 10 Greek Islands[the_ad_placement id=”slider_content”] The beaches in Paros are for everyone and anyone, as they range from the secluded ones to the most crowded beaches offering plenty of things to do like windsurfing, scuba diving and other water sport activities.

The Greek Island of Corfu

Corfu offers the maximum diversity to its visitors when it comes to attractions, cultures, and landscapes.b The island has lovely old tows with architecture that brings forward the styles of Italy, Greece, British, and French.

Corfu - the top 10 Greek Islands
The beaches in Corfu are unspoiled offering immense tranquility and seclusion and at the same time, the towns offer a lovely blend of historic sites and a vivacious nightlife after a long day on the beach.

Skiathos is a Greek Island for Nature

If you are a nature lover and do not want to miss on the lush pines, wildlife and a nature conservatory, make a visit to Skiathos.

Skiathos - the top 10 Greek Islands

Apart from this, the island also has interesting attractions including medieval castles, monasteries, and enticing museums. It is a perfect island for families and easily places among the top 10 Greek Islands.

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Visit Historical Rhodes

Rhodes is an island for those who love history and would like to know more about its treasures including the popular medieval old town, the Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes Footbridge and the Governor’s palace.

Rhodes - the top 10 Greek Islands[the_ad_placement id=”slider_content”] Since, the island of Rhodes is located on the coast of Turkey, it offers a blend of Greek and Turkish culture which is an attraction unique to this particular Greek island. Rhodes is one of the best known and an obvious addition to the list of the top 10 Greek Islands to visit.

Samos The Sunniest Island in Europe

Samos is a destination popular for being the sunniest in entire Europe and gets the 10th position in the top 10 Greek Islands list.

Samos - the top 10 Greek Islands

The island of Samos brings to you plenty of beaches with crystal clear blue waters, ideal for snorkeling and deep sea diving.

If you are a beginner, the beaches of Samos have many diving instructors and diving schools to offer you a wonderful underwater experience. Other attractions on Samos include the Eupalinian aqueduct and Temple of Hera, both which are popular among travelers to Samos.

Whichever Greek island you choose to visit, these accessible Mediterranean islands offer a warm, sunny climate, remarkable views and rich culture and history. Greek heritage has no easy equal in the modern world.

Our View on The Top 10 Greek Islands

While modern Greece is far removed from times of old, it is a country that rightly is proud of its ancient heritage, culture, and history. The islands of Greece offer the visitor a tantalizing glimpse of this stunning area of central Europe.

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