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Sunset on Santorini - the top 10 Greek Islands


Top 10 Greek Islands you Should Visit in Greece

[tps_title]Samos The Sunniest Island in Europe[/tps_title]

Samos The Sunniest Island in Europe

Samos is a destination popular for being the sunniest in the entire Europe and gets a 10th position in the top 10 Greek Islands list.
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Samos - the top 10 Greek Islands

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The island of Samos brings to you plenty of beaches with crystal clear blue waters, ideal for snorkeling and deep sea diving.

If you are a beginner, the beaches of Samos have many diving instructors and diving schools to offer you a wonderful underwater experience. Other attractions on Samos include the Eupalinian aqueduct and Temple of Hera, both which are popular among travelers to Samos.


Whichever Greek island you choose to visit, these accessible Mediterranean islands offer a warm, sunny climate, remarkable views and a rich culture and history. Greek heritage has no easy equal in the modern world.

Our View on The Top 10 Greek Islands

While modern Greece is far removed from times of old, it is a country that rightly is proud of its ancient heritage, culture and history. The islands of Greece offer the visitor a tantalising glimpse of this stunning area of central Europe.

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