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Sunset on Santorini - the top 10 Greek Islands


Top 10 Greek Islands you Should Visit in Greece

[tps_title]Chios for Medieval Greek Villages and History[/tps_title]

Chios for Medieval Greek Villages and History

Chios is a lovely island for sightseeing as it is split from Turkey. The most popular sight is the Nea Moni, which is an 11th century monastery. Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and is roughly 7 kilometres off the Anatolian coast. The island of Chios is actually separated from nearby Turkey by the Çeşme Strait.
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Chios - the top 10 Greek Islands[the_ad_placement id=”slider_content”] Chios stakes a claim to be the birthplace of Homer from ancient Greek mythology, one of the first and great epic Greek poets.

Chios instills a record of rich heritage and culture commencing from the Neolithic period and including adventures and escapades with various Saracene pirates and the Turks during the Greek Revolution.

The island of Chios also gave rise to many eminent Greek politicians, scholars and authors such as Emmanouil Roidis, Adamantios Korais and Alexandre Mavrokordatos to name a few.

To explore many medieval villages in Chios, do visit the southern part of the island. Here you will discover many fine examples of ancient Greek towns and villages.

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