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Top 10 New Year’s Eve Places

9) Bratislava, Slovakia

The New Year’s Eve festival in Bratislava, Slovakia considerably the most touristed festival of the year. Here it is not just the festival which is celebrated as the event over time has transformed into somewhat of a culture and tradition annually upheld and followed by both locals and visitors.

new year eve in Bratislava

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The Bratislava New Year’s Eve celebration which was once led by the expression Welcome to Partyslava! is today recognized as an extravagant event much like many of the  celebrations seen in any other city across Europe. The central point of the New Year’s Festivities will be in Bratislava, Slovakia’s Main Square as well as in the adjoining Hviezdoslavovo Namestie Square located in front of the old opera house.

The mound along the River Danube which is conveniently located in-between the Novy Most and the Stary Most bridges is the perfect spot for viewing the fireworks at midnight and and one of our Top 10 New Year’s Eve spots.

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