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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Australia This Spring

[tps_title]Experience Australian culture in Canberra[/tps_title]

7) Experience Australian culture in Canberra

Canberra is the home of the Australian collection of history and culture. The treasures of our nation are housed in national galleries, museums, archives and collections that are open to the public to embrace what it means to be Australian: from ancient homegrown past and colonial history to the modern multicultural country of today.

Immerse yourself to discover thriving local arts, eminent galleries and feast on number of dining precincts and foodie scenes, family friendly attractions, outdoor experiences and the acclaimed cool-climate warmers that dot the surrounding area and local craft markets.

Admire one of the city’s stunning festivals like Floriade festival – Australia’s biggest celebration of Spring that takes over one month between September and October (dates vary). Flower and garden lovers from around the world would surely love its vivid displays. It is free for the entire month! There are many festivals beside the Floriade all year long.

Take a ride with either Balloon Aloft or Dawn Drifters and enjoy sights that may include not just the lake, Parliament House, but the city, national parks and the National Arboretum. Canberra’s parks and grassed areas ensure that this alluring pursuit is readily anytime regardless of wind direction. It is one of the few cities on earth where hot air ballooning is consistently available – most do not have sufficient open spaces to offer hot air ballooning every day, since the balloons must be able to land wherever the wind takes them.

A banquet for every sense, allow yourself to absorb the sights, sounds and significance of a nation’s culture right here in Canberra.

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