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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Australia This Spring

[tps_title]Escape from city life to explore Gippsland[/tps_title]

6) Escape from city life to explore Gippsland

Gippsland is blessed with fascinating natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty. Visit coastal towns, seaside villages and explore historic gold towns and maritime villages such as Walhalla and Port Albert. Adore the diverse wilderness, relax on unspoilt beaches that go for ninety miles and farming communities. There are also two national parks that abut the lakes, the Lakes National Park and the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, both of which offer great camping and walking tracks. Do kayak, snorkel and fishing along its homey beaches and discover their history and try some gourmet delights.

Gippsland Lakes are Australia’s largest and most scenic inland waterways. It is a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons providing abundant opportunities for water activities like fishing, boating, sailing and have a family picnic by the river.

The lakes also contain several island wildlife havens. Rotamah Island can only be reached by boat, and is inhabited by birdlife, kangaroos, wallabies and other native animals. Raymond Island has a koala colony and can be visited from the shore, making this an easy and enjoyable jaunt from any one of the nearby waterside villages and towns.

Discover Gippsland’s hidden grace by yourself.

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