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Top 5 Star Hotels in Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and a good amalgamation of the ancient and the modern times. The city is 19th largest city of the world and is densely populated. You would find skyscrapers and modern architecture in the midst of old and historic buildings. The best time to visit this beautiful city near Giza pyramids is winters from November to March. This vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage has a unique flavour of its own.

The city boasts of a number of good hotels as follows :

1. The Mena House

The Mena House cairoPhoto:

This majestic and luxurious hotel is distinct and vibrant with grand interiors. The ambience of the hotel is extenuated with the Great Pyramids of Giza and has interesting interiors. The looks are enhanced by a collection of rare arts and archaic furniture. This hotel has been a venue for many state events with dignitaries and royalties and has a distinction of its own. A stay in the hotel  reminds you of the splendour of the past centuries and gives you the richness of today.

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