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Top 7 Activities for First-Timers in Budapest

Thought of as the “Paris of the East,” Budapest is a marvelous place filled with intriguing sites, a youthful atmosphere and pleasant scenery. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city should certainly be on the list of must-see cities in Europe. The Kempinski Hotel and Corvinus, Budapest will welcome you to the city warmly and so will these fantastic activities to do for anyone visiting Budapest for the first time.


You Need a Bath

Gellért Baths

No, really, you need a bath. The thermal baths of Hungary are an influence that was derived from the Turkish, and we can thank them for it. The natural heated thermal springs are an amazing experience not to be missed, and if that’s not enough for you, most spas offer massages and steam rooms to enhance your bathing experience.


Explore Under the City

If you want to see a bit of where the thermal springs come from, then you will need to get your hard hat on and climb through the underground tunnels of the city. The rushing thermal waters have created a cave system underground. Lead by a guide, you will be crawling and squeezing through cavernous holes and crannies, so get ready to take a real bath after this adventure.


Wine and Dine

Hungarian wine

You have to eat, so at least one of your meals will need to be a proper Hungarian meal from a delicious and quaint local restaurant that is perfectly paired with a crisp white or deep red wine. There are a few opportunities for wine tasting in Budapest as well so take advantage of sipping on the beautiful taste of a true Hungarian wine with your traditional meal.


Cruise on the River

Danube Rive

The Danube River divides and connects Buda and Pest. Take a romantic dinner cruise down the river as you dine and dance under the stars and admire the city lights. If you want to cruise during the day, you will embark on a beautiful day cruise to Margaret Island for a stroll around the pretty landscapes and parks. If boating isn’t your thing, you can walk along the Chain Bridge that connects this city.


Castles and Mazes

Labyrinth of Buda Castle

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle is remarked as one of the seven underground Wonders of the World. It is one of the most visited attractions in the city, and once you get here and twist and turn through the labyrinth, you will see why. The labyrinth stretches for 6 miles with only 1 mile being available to tour. It’s mysterious and famed for the prisoner known as Count Dracula who was kept in captivity here during the 15th century.


Go to the Opera

The Hungarian State Opera HousePhoto:

Marvel at the impressive architecture by day and enjoy the world-class performances at night at the Budapest Opera House. It’s one of the most famed in the world in terms of its acoustics and it has seating for over 1,000 attendees. The day tours are offered in several languages and there is no excuse to miss seeing at least one amazing performance here.


Enjoy the Night

Take a break and have a long fun night at any of the pulsating nightclubs and bars in the city. For another dip in the thermal baths, go at night when the baths become a nighttime pool party. There are boat parties for a few cocktails out on the water, and if you’re looking to bar hop, just choose any of the city’s favorite ruin pubs.

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