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Top Castles to Visit in Belgium

Castles and palaces are likely to be the most evident images of rich history of every monarchy, both former and present. Belgium is one of such countries, where these gorgeous buildings naturally fit national landscape. In fact, this state might boast of the densest distribution of castles comparing to other European lands, and a significant share is comprised by chateaus. Named this way after French fashion, chateaus also appear to be alike to weekend retreat preserving features of a castle. In Belgium some of them altered into high class accommodation and travel attractions for tourists thus keeping historical importance.

Château Coloma is a perfect set of historical value and stunning beauty. If wandering around the place, one can indeed imagine living in the 18th century, exactly when it became a private residence of Charles Vital Alexandre de Coloma. The splendid panorama of the chateau was achieved thanks to a great rosary set up around the building in 1982. Florists can find a true paradise amongst 65 thousand rose bushes, presenting more than 3 thousand species. Besides, in 2002 Flemish authorities founded a theme museum, featuring the history of gardening and roses’ cultivation. Three floors of the museum are “pierced” with a giant rose flower, stretching from the cellar right to the top.

Château Coloma, Belgium

The incredible view of Corroy le Chateau still demonstrates simplicity and at the same time mightiness of medieval architecture. Reminiscent to a fortress, with four towers and a framing moat, it came to us from the 13th century, when the land was owned by Dukes of Brabant. Till nowadays Corroy le Château has battlements for archery and the so-called “Philippe de Vianden’s room” that is a real observation point and a command post. Reasonably, Corroy le Chateu is considered the main medieval heritage site of province of Namur and the entire Wallonia.

Corroy le Chateau, Belgium

In contrast to Corroy le Chateau, Chateau Miranda did not manage to keep its marvelous view in the course of the last 150 years. It was designed in 1866 exclusively for Liedekerke-Beaufort family, which had resided until the World War II. Then it was purchased by Belgium Railway Company, and later turned into a children camp. Since 1991Chateau Miranda has been an abundant place. One can only imagine how gorgeously looking it was, as today the main features of its “design” are reflected by 500 broken windows, and collapsed staircases and upper floors. No wonder, Chateau Miranda is called one of the creepy Belgium places.  Nevertheless, its present owner refuses to sell the chateau to Dinant authorities intended to restore its foregone glory.

Chateau Miranda, Belgium

Chateau de Beloeil in province of Hainaut is not only named after a French manner, but also alike to world-famous Versailles.  The 17th century building sparkles with luxury both inside and outdoors. Mostly, it was a residence of princes de Ligne, who contributed a lot in art collections exhibited to date in halls of the chateau. The highlights of fine arts include busts of Prince Charles Joseph de Ligne and Russian Empress Catherine, canvases by Leprince, the Beauvais tapestry, etc. The exterior of Chateau de Beloeil presents a huge French-style park and an artificial pond set around the building.

Chateau de Beloeil, Belgium

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