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Travel Costa Rica, The Happiest Country in the World

You can plan your special holidays to Costa Rica, won the title of the happiest country in the world. This conclusion was made by the analysts of the British Intelligence Research Center New Economic Foundation, represented to the states of the world its new “World happiness index» – Happy Planet Index (HPI), 2012.



During a number of studies, researchers have assessed each state on three main parameters: life duration, life satisfaction of citizens with their life quality and environmental health/ecological well-being. Experts summarized the average length of life for residents of each country and its inhabitants satisfaction indicators in relation to the amount they consume natural resources.



The rating was attended by 151 States. Its leader was Costa Rica – a country in Central America with a population of 4.3 million people. Then follow Vietnam and Colombia.Results of the research reported that people’s satisfaction with their own lives is independent of the size of the economy and economic growth: people in developed countries do not become happier.

Russia ranked 122nd place, USA-105th, Belarus – 103rd, Ukraine – 100th, Singapore – 90th Iran – 77th, Syria – 47th, Switzerland 34th. Last 151st place took Botswana.

First Happy Planet for special holidays was calculated in 2006. For the ranking it is significant that the first positions are occupied by the states with a rather low level of welfare.



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