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Travel Guide: Your Favorite Movie Locations

One of the most memorable types of vacations you can take is a themed vacation. No, it’s not as nerdy as it sounds. Just think about a couple of the things you and your friends or family enjoy most: movies, food, fashion, water parks, or whatever it may be, and design a vacation around enjoying those activities.

My personal favorite themed vacation is a movie lovers’ trip. I’m serious. If you love movies, you’ll love checking out all your favorite movies’ filming locations. I’ve made a few move lover roundtrips through California before, and I’ve tested out a couple of different tools and apps that can help you find your top movies’ filming locations. My favorite app is one created by the folks over at Travelex currency exchange.

This interactive map lets you either search by your favorite film, or you can simply click around the map’s filming locations to see what movies were shot there. You can use this map in a couple of ways:
• Find filming locations near you to check out
• Find out where your favorite movies were filmed and head out on an epic trip to check them out
• Vacation in a city, like London, where several of your favorite movies were shot so you can hit up a few locations in a short time
• Check out movies that were filmed in places you plan on traveling to, and you can visit filming locations if you have some spare time at your destination
The key to planning a successful themed vacation is to do a good bit of research before you head out, so you’re sure to visit all your favorites.

(via Travelex Currency Exchange).

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