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Uenlok/Wanlok and Mandeville are the mascots of Olympic Games in 2012

XXX Summer Olympics in London will be held from July 27 to August 13, 2012. The Olympic program includes disciplines in 26 sports.The picture of the logo consists of four irregular polygons, which represent the number “2”, “0”, “1”, “2” – the figures of the ongoing Olympics. The two parts of the emblem of the Olympic Games concluded the word “London” and the image of Olympic rings.


The logo has four color options: orange, yellow, blue and green.

Uenlok/Wanlok and Mandeville are the mascots of Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. According to legend, they emerged from the last two drops of steel, from which the Olympic Stadium in the east of the British capital was created.

Uenlok is shimmering colors of the Olympic medals, the shape of his face follows the shape of the roof of the Olympic stadium. He has five bracelets – five Olympic rings, and on his stomach – the emblem of the Olympics. Mandeville has three prongs on the head as a reminder of the crescent – the symbol of the Paralympic Games. The names of the Olympic symbols derived from the names of two British cities, which are closely linked with the history of the Olympic movement. Uenlok got its name in honor of the city under the name Mach Uenlok in Shropshire. Mandeville was named after the city of Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, where were originated in the 1948 the Paralympic Games.

Olympic Venues

The main part of the Olympic facilities is located within the boundaries of Greater London. These are objects that are included in the Olympic zone (Olympic Park), central zone (the center and western part of the city) and river zone (along the Thames and the eastern part of the city). In the Olympic zone includes, in addition to the Olympic Village, Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Centre, London BikePark, the Olympic hockey center, handball and basketball arenas. In the central zone  the competitions will be held at Wembley Stadium, Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, at the English croquet and tennis club, Lords Cricket Ground, at Earl’s Court and the Horse Guards Pered.  In the river area set aside under the contest and Exhibition Centre in London Exel Arena, Arena, Arena, 02, and Greenwich, Greenwich Park and Royal Artillery Barracks. Apart from London, part of the sporting events will take place in other cities in the UK. This is Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham .

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