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Unique Places: Paris to London

While traveling around Europe there is an endless amount of history, culture, and fascinating sites to discover. Every corner reveals a new and exciting part of Europe. Surely on your list of cities to visit are some of Europe’s most popular destinations, London and Paris. These two iconic cities are luckily very easy to get to and from. The Eurostar Paris to London route takes around only two and half hours to travel the distance between these majestic cities. It’s easy to fit these two places in your trip since they are so accessible but what can you see? Of course there is the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, but what else? Check out these unique places to visit while you are here.



While here you should spend a few hours walking the paths of Parc des Buttes Chaumont. This quaint park has over 5 kilometers of trails to wander through. Although this place is in the big city, it is quiet and serene. The colorful gardens are lovely and the cliff with the Corinthian temple on top will impress you with some wonderful views of the city.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont


The Hotel de Sens is a medieval beauty with signs of battles and sieges. Completed in 1507, this fortress is now filled with students in the library and is free to wonder. For some Parisian history, try going to the Carnavalet Museum where you can discover artifacts and learn about the architecture of the city. It’s set in a 15th century mansion and is adorned with beautiful art.

Hotel de Sens


The Rue Cler is just down the way from the Eiffel Tower, yet not a well known shopping spot. This street market has everything from fruits and vegetables to cafes and floral shops. For a lovely evening, catch the sunset on the Canal Saint Martin. There are darling little shops and cafes along the canal.

Rue Cler




A building that might not last much longer is Wilton’s Music Hall. It’s the world’s oldest and last grand music hall that is still alive, barely. It is crumbling to the ground as we speak so make sure to catch a concert, opera or theater show before it falls completely.

Wilton's Music Hall


Get transported to Turkey with Spa London. Here you can experience a three-hour Turkish thermal spa for a nominal fee. It’s located in the York Hall Leisure Center and is a luxe experience to treat yourself to at the end of the day.

York Hall

St. Mary’s Secret Garden is a natural woodland that awakens your senses with fresh aromas of herbs and vegetation. It’s a lovely garden to wander and invigorate yourself from the big city life. For a touch of modern art, visit the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. Here you can browse through some amazing art, drawings sand sculptures dating from 1890-1950.

St. Mary's Secret GardenPhoto:
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