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Vacations in the kingdom of pristine beaches and stunning islands – Thailand

Deemed to be one of the leading tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand is the enchanted kingdom speckled with dramatic coastlines sprinkled with stunning beaches and aqua lagoons. The lush and verdant postcard worthy landscapes, the animated and lively metropolitan cities, the famous Buddhist temples, the ancient ruins and archipelagoes of islands is what truly depicts the colorful country of Thailand.  Some of the most popular tourist destinations which are attributed for the great influx of millions of visitors each year are:


Bangkok, a mammoth metropolis

Wat Arun Temple

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is replete with mega and premium shopping complexes, medieval temples, glimmering nightclubs, lively markets, avant-garde skyscrapers and splendid palaces and is also called the city of angels. This economic, cultural, architectural and culinary hub of Thailand houses some of the greatest attractions amongst which the Grand Palace, the Wat Arun Temple, the Wat Pho temple and floating markets.


Chiang Mai, where traditional and modern architecture coexist

Chiang Mai

The city’s primary attraction is the Night Bazaar which can take ages to explore and discover completely. Moreover this fabulous city of Thailand is a unique culmination of natural diversity and cultural background and abounds with top-notch restaurants, bustling night markets, great cafes, art galleries and huge shopping malls.


Phuket, a dream paradise


Phuket is a popular destination in Thailand where the beauty of the sun and sea merge and because it offers both land-based and water-based activities that are natural and artificial in nature and a short drive from each other. Whether you want to explore the magnificent beaches, take the eco tours, marvelat the grand sunsets or take the plunge in the best diving sites in the world, Phuket ensures that you will have a great action based and adventure packed trip.


Kanchanaburi, a land of enchantment and charm


The breathtaking panoramas and extraordinary beauty of this place has caused it to become one of the greatest places in Thailand. Visitors can indulge their sporting spirit and engage in great sporting feats like fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, rafting and jungle trekking. The magnificent national parks, tumbling waterfalls, medieval caves, virgin forests and serene rivers also hold great allure for the visitors.


Phang Nga Bay, heaven on Earth

Phang Nga Bay

Adorning a different attire each time you visit it, Phang Nga Bay is one of the most scenic places in all of Thailand and is most prominent for its limestone cliffs jutting out of the azure water.The crystal blue lagoons, the ancient yet dramatic caves, aquatic grottoes and secluded beaches bordering the bay act like magnetic fields pulling the visitors to come and explore their wondrous nature. The best way to explore the bay is through sea kayak.


Thailand is a place that has to offer something to everyone. Whether you are vacationing on a budget or spending a romantic honeymoon with your beloved, Thailand will fit apropos with your finances. It is a land where everyone’s dream is satisfied. For cultural fanatics, it is a mecca of tall spires, great palaces and glimmering medieval temples. For sun-seekers, the palm edged and crystal blue beaches and islands are a perfect holiday retreat. For bon vivants, Thailand proffers a great culinary experience. So stop pondering now, and book your next vacation to this captivating and enthralling country.

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