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Tunisia -


Visit tunisia, The autumn is the time to stay in Tunisia

Tunisia, according to several international publications, is the second in the world rating as the most beautiful place on the planet. Here had been shooting the movies, “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones”, “The English Patient” and others. Tunisia – a blazing sun, juicy fruit, date palms, olive trees and, of course, the Mediterranean Sea with stunning white sand beaches and clear turquoise water. By the way, the autumn is the time to stay in Tunisia, in the summer there is still too hot.


Tunisia -

Tunisia –

Tunisia have mixed culture, due to their long established history of conquerors such as Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks, Spaniards, and the French who all left their mark on the country.

List of Festivals



  • Festival of Mediterranean guitar – Tunis (February)
  • Festival International of instrumental music – Tunis – (February)
  • Festival of Tunisian Music – Tunis (March)
  • Festival Matmata – Matmata (March)
  • A Capella international music festival – Tunis – (April)
  • Tozeur tradicional Festival of musical theatre – Tozeur – (April/ May)
  • Festival Oriljazz (April)
  • Festival “Tozeur, oriental, African” (April)
  • Festival international of spring- Sbeitla (April)
  • festival of Arabic poetry – Tozeur – (April)
  • Festival of Jazz in Carthage – Gammarth (April)
  • Coregrafic summit of dance in Carthage – Tunis (May)
  • Khamsa holidays & Dance – Tunis (June)
  • E-Fest festival of Music & electronic culture – Tunis (June)
  • International Festival of Jazz – Tabarka (June/ July)
  • Falconry Festival – Hauaria (June)
  • Festival of plastic arts – Mahres, Sfax (June/ August)
  • Festival International of traditional Arabic music – Jenduba (July)
  • Tabarka Jazz festival Kebili music- Tabarka (July)
  • International Festival of Music Symfonica de El-Jem – Nabel (July/ August)
  • International Festival of Dance in Hammamet – theatre y música – Hammamet (July/ August)
  • Yasmine Hammame tFestival – Hammamet (July)
  • Hourse Festival – Sidi Bouzid Meknassy (July)
  • Festival International of Carthage – Tunis (July/ August)
  • Festival International of Hammamet – Hammamet (July/ August)
  • Festival International of Susa – Susa – (July/ August)
  • Ulysse Festival – Djerba (July/ August)
  • Festival International of Testur Music Maluf Testour, Béja (July)
  • Festival International of Bizerte – Bizerta – (July/ August)
  • Festival International of Dugga – Dugga (July/ August)
  • Festival of Carthage Byrsa – art – Carthage – (July/ September)


  • Medina festival – dance & Music – Tunis – (August/ September)
  • Marsa by night- Marsa, Tunis (August/ September)
  • Musical October Festival of Carthage – Tunis – (October)
  • Musiqat, International Festival of music – Bu Sidi Said (October)
  • Sahara Festival in Douz – Douz (November)
  • Oasis Festival – Tozeur (November)
  • Dance Techno House Festival, Music – Tunis (December)
  • International Festival of Sahara in Douz – Dance, theatre, music – Mahdia, Douz (December)
  • InternacionalFestival Tozeur Oasis Dance, Music – Tozeur (December)
  • Techno House festival – Gammarth (December)
  • Dar Sebastian lyric art festival – music lyric (December)
  • Latin Caravan Festival – Tozeur (December)
  • subsaharian tradicional – Festival – Douz (December)
Tunisia - a blazing

Tunisia – a blazing 


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