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The Amazing Singapore


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“In banana-lemon Singapore, when the ocean is singing and crying, distant caravan is driving birds in a blinding blue” -upon these immortal lines of Alexander Vertinsky’s song, which once sang at the samovar by our grandmothers, Singaporeans themselves do nothing but laugh. Bananas and lemons do not grow on the roofs of skyscrapers, and in Singapore, the Asian Manhattan, there is almost nothing.  But, even so, Singapore has something to proud. This is the most advanced and the most European-minded metropolis, in spite of many people from different countries who live there.

The Amazing Singapore

The Amazing Singapore

And, of course, the pride of Singapore – its absolute, almost laboratory cleanliness, even sterility, which is absolutely not typical of Asia. In a tense struggle for the title of the cleanest city in the world thousands of Singaporeans lost their lives; the fact is that a few years ago for throwing garbage by bins Singapore police shoot intruder in place. Only for a very large bribe it was possible to replace shooting by lifelong penal servitude. In modern Singapore manners are not as cannibalistic, but discipline is also strict. Our company hopes that by purchasing our tour, you finally stop smoking in public places and to appear in public in the buff. For each such act committed in Singapore, one would have to pay a fine/ penalty of a thousand dollars. And for eating dog in the street in the company of the Chinese one can get 10 years without the right of correspondence. An excellent country, sorry that in Russia they cannot possibly set such kind of discipline of the Singapore! ….. Our managers will do everything for you and will be sweet cooing into the phone the chanson of Vertinsky: “In Singapore, opal and moon, you dream all night on a yellow skin, with screaming monkeys.”



Dilbag Koundal

Dilbag is an IT Entrepreneur born and raised in India.

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