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What to See in Romania

Romania is best described as an imposing landscape filled with medieval churches, forests, historic gems and seaside villages. It is also the home of the famous Count Dracula, and the Bran Castle where Dracula resided is ranked among the country’s top attractions. Forests that cover the Carpathian Mountains are known to host the last population of Europe’s healthy lynxes, wolves and brown bears. For families, the sandy coastline offers a picturesque holiday. It is in this part of the world that tourists also find monasteries, medieval churches and World Heritage UNESCO sites.

Sports lovers, walkers and hikers are guaranteed to enjoy the natural scenery which lies untouched. Historical fanatics will not be disappointed either. Romania was under the Roman, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman rule, and the effects of this rule left a rich cultural intrigue in the country. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is famous for its beautiful architecture and also the small villages which feature preserved country buildings and churches.

The Geography of Romania and Weather

To the east, Romania is bordered by Ukraine and Moldova to the north. The Black Sea is found to the southeast and Bulgaria is to the south. The country is broken down into 4 geographical locations. The northern part of this country is comprised of Moldavia and Transylvania. This region is further divided by the Carpathian Mountains north south strip. The Wallachia Danube Plain is found in the east-west side of the capital Bucharest. The border of the capital with Bulgaria is defined by the Danube course. The coastline of the country is found along the Black Sea and it incorporates the Danube Delta and Constanta part.

When traveling to Romania, it is advisable to pack lightweight clothes for the summer. This is especially if visitors intend to stay along the low inland areas or on the Romanian coast. During the winter and the rest of the year, warm clothes are advisable when visiting the uplands. Tourists are also advised to carry rain wear regardless of the time of year.


What to See in Romania

Romania has so much to offer and tourists are never short of interesting things to do. Some of the things visitors can do during their stay include:

  • Bran Castle: visitors can let their imagination run wild once they tour the Bran Castle. The castle was the home of Vlad the Impaler, a medieval king who inspired the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.
    Bran Castle
  • Painted monasteries: Tourists will enjoy trekking to Bucovina in Moldavia to see Painted Monasteries. The outer parts of these monasteries are painted with frescoes and they are ranked among World Heritage UNESCO sites.
  • Constanta: This was founded during the 6th century BC and features some of the most interesting archeological sites which include Callatis, Histria and Tomis ruins.

Other places worth visiting include the Ceausescu’s Palace of Parliament, Jewish Community Museum of History and the several palaces found within the region.

Dining and Shopping in Romania

The Romanian cuisine is influenced by diverse cultures. These include the Turks, Romans, Greeks Slavic and the Saxons. Most of the ingredients used to prepare the cuisines are fresh and it is almost impossible to find processed foods in Romania. Majority of the meals are served with fresh vegetable, chicken soup or pork. A culinary favorite in Romania is cabbage and it is used in salads and soups. Breakfast in Romania almost always includes eggs which can be hard or soft boiled, scrambled or fried and omelets filled with mushrooms, hams or cheese. Vegetarians might have a difficult time because majority of the specialties in Romania are meat based.

Shopping in Romania is a rewarding experience for majority of tourists. They can make specialist purchases which include pottery, silverware, ceramics, embroideries, glassware, wool jumpers, leather items, glass paintings, silk dresses, woodcarvings and carpets among other items.

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