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What to See in Strasbourg and Cologne

Germany and France are two of Europe’s most popular destinations for visitors wanting to experience European cultures, cuisines, and architecture. Visiting these countries will include gorgeous Gothic structures along riversides, must see Cathedrals, inviting and unique streets, adventurous activities in the outdoors and more. While many might find themselves flying or taking a bus around to see all the wonders, a more unique way to see these spots would be taking Moselle River cruises and tours. There’s nothing quite like viewing Strasbourg and Cologne from the mighty rivers that flow through them, then exploring further on foot.



This is a favorite among the tourist destinations in France and for good reason. It’s an easy place to walk or bike around to get to know the city which makes for a nicer and more approachable welcome. After getting antiquated with the city center, take a further stroll around to see some of the highlights:


  • Cathedral Notre Dame is an architectural highlight in the city and for more medieval marvels the nearby Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre Dame offers tons of religious art on display for learning more about the cathedral during those times.

Stitched Panorama


  • Another architectural point of interest would certainly be the Astronomical Clock. The designer has a statue of himself marveling at his own masterpiece. Coming just before noon is smart to see the hour change on this 300 year old clock.

astronomical clock strasbourg


  • For a simply spectacular show, a visit to the L’Opera is a must. Catch an entertaining performance at this baroque style opera house to see some of the nations top talents pour their hearts out on stage.

L'Opera strasbourg


  • Take a trip to France without leaving Germany at the Petite France. This is some of the cities most impressive streets flanked with semi-timbered houses along the old school cobblestone streets all set along the canal.

Petite France strasbourg





A tourism hot spot, the fourth largest city in the country, and full of vibrancy, Cologne should be a sure stop for anyone traveling through Germany. Set along the Rhine river, this city will excite you from the moment you get here. The Cologne Cathedral will surely be the highlight with its majestic Gothic architecture captivating you and the extreme culture experienced here. Some other highlight are:


  • The UNESCO World Heritage Site of KolnerDom which will greet you within moments of stepping off from the central station. The south tower, although 509 stairs up, is totally worth the efforts.

KolnerDom Cologne


  • There are many Romanesque Churches in this city, just to name a few- The stain glass windows of the St. Kunibert are magnificent, the burial place of Albertus Magnus is at St. Andreas, and the contentious paintings located at the St. Apostein are all worth a view.

St. Kunibert, Koeln


  • Visiting a Veedel, is a way to see a traditional neighborhood. Charming and quaint, you can find yourself roaming these streets to find a good bookstore, cafe, or even grab a true and authentic German beer at a bar.
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