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Why Travel Makes You Awesome

Travel is about self discovery, being a world explorer, invoking learning and freedom, at times being a nomad. There is a very good reason why travel makes you awesome. Once you have been bitten by the travel bug, you can expect no cure. Traveling solo and adopting a nomadic lifestyle is an increasing popular way to travel the world.


The insatiable need to travel overwhelms you to the point where staying put in the same place for a few months can get under your skin. Unfortunately, there is no substituting the need to travel or the call for a nomadic lifestyle. When you hear the calling, you just got to pack your bags and jump on the next flight out of there.

Why Should You Travel?

J.R.R. Tolkien, the famous author of the Lord of the Rings series, said “Not all those who wander are lost.” Travelers say that there is no way they would trade their experiences for anything in the world, and they are right to say so. The enriching experiences and lessons that traveling can give you cannot be replicated by anything or anyone else. This is why travel makes you awesome.

Matt Kepnes, from Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site, who was 25 when he began exploring the world, wholeheartedly vouches for the need to travel. He says on his blog why travel makes you awesome. That traveling solo has made him smarter, better and a lot more awesome now than he used to be.”

Most people refuse to travel because it is, as they would say, inconvenient. They blame it on the food, people and various other superficial factors and come up with some very silly reasons to avoid traveling. They have become slaves to their predictable 9-to-5 schedules, unwilling to step out of their comfort zones and either be a nomad or embrace the nomadic lifestyle that is part of self discovery.

Do Not Wait. It is Time to Pack your Bags and Suitcase

If time and resources are in your favor, you should simply just pack your bags, buy a ticket and never look back. Do not do it for a vacation or luxury and definitely not to simply upload pretty pictures on your Instagram account.

Why Travel Makes You Awesome

Travel is about discovery, learning and freedom, there is a very good reason why travel makes You awesome.

Even if you have to travel alone, just do it. Sure, you make great memories when you are on the road with people by your side, but traveling alone can give you such unique experiences that you cannot attain from traveling with a group. When asked if they preferred traveling solo or in a group, most people stated that they would much rather travel by themselves.

Traveling Solo as a Nomad

People who preferred traveling alone as a nomad, all agreed that it was much easier planning a trip for themselves than for a group. Traveling solo also gives you the opportunity to check some things off your bucket list. This is a lot easier when you are not traveling with people who do not share the same interests as you. A nomadic lifestyle does by definition infer traveling solo as a kind of wandering nomad.

When you are traveling solo as a world explorer, you have the liberty of doing what you please and this sense of freedom as a nomad is empowering. You feel like you can accomplish anything and experience self discovery. This is a great feeling, especially for people who find it daunting to be doing things alone. It is why travel makes you awesome. Once you have spent some time with yourself and learned to enjoy your own company, a solo trip can be a powerful, introspective journey albeit a nomadic lifestyle for a time.

Why Travel Makes You Awesome

You get more adventurous when you are by yourself, so you get out there and meet new people and try new places. Not having to follow a crowd and stick to a plan, you can try the local restaurants, savor their delicacies instead of eating a burger at the closest McDonald’s because everybody else wanted to.

Now that you see why traveling alone like a nomad is not such a bad idea, do not fret over where you should go with this nomadic lifestyle. Your safety would be your primary concern, but do not worry. There are several destinations all over the world that are perfect for solo travelers. If you are a woman looking to escape the harsh realities of life and go on a solo trip, click here for some great and safe locations.

Get Out of Your Chair and Out There!

If you want some strong compelling reasons why you should release yourself from the shackles of a monotonous life, read this. Besides the reasons mentioned on that list, here are a few more personal reasons listed out. A big wide world awaits you nomad.

  • To trigger your curiosity: Your journey and nomadic lifestyle will allow you to discover new places, experience new things and meet new people. Your curiosity and self discovery will light up when you are in a new place, pushing you to explore, learn and experience. The brand new customs, traditions, cuisines will call out to you and this curiosity will help you respect and appreciate them. This is why travel makes you awesome.
  • To expand your perception: Honestly, we are all a little narrow-minded when it comes to certain things. You will gain a fresh perspective and learn to appreciate the beauty around you. Putting yourself in a new, foreign location will help you open your mind and look at the world from beyond the tip of your nose.
  • To learn how to communicate: A new place will force you to learn a new language. Not only will this add another language to your list, but this will help you be more appreciative of the local culture and your culture back home.
  • To appreciate solitude and anonymity: If you are traveling by yourself nomad style, you will be your only company, and the people there will not know you, so consider yourself a John Doe to them. Accept solitude and self discovery as a friend and enjoy being anonymous. You will soon learn more about yourself after getting in touch with your inner being.
  • To become more appreciative: As you travel, you will become more aware of the harsh realities of life. You will then realize how lucky you are to be able to eat hot meals, have shelter and people who care for you and learn to be more appreciative of all the good you have.

Now you ask, “Does traveling really do all this?” The answer is, “Yes. And more!” To say that traveling makes you an awesome person is somewhat an understatement, but it also pretty accurate. Nothing will teach you the lessons of life as exploring would. You will always come back from a journey a better than when you started. This is why travel makes you awesome.

Traveling Solo, the Ultimate Teacher for a Nomadic Lifestyle

Traveling alone will teach you to be a world explorer, an observer and a learner. It will change you and only for the better, indeed making you an awesome person. Here is a list of ways of how becoming a nomad style traveler will help you become a better person and learn skills for life as a world explorer.

  • You will become more social. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you will slowly become a more social person. When you are at a new place, strangers will become your friends and you will soon find yourself coming out of your shell and becoming more receptive of the people around you. This will also help you become better at conversation and learn to ask more interesting questions than “How are you? Where are you from?” Your communication skills will improve, which will make you a more approachable person.
  • You will become more confident. When you travel, you become an adventurer. You achieve things through self discovery you earlier thought were not possible. You learn to talk to strangers, you climb mountains, dive in deep seas, conquer fears and survive unknown cities unscathed. This enhances your confidence levels a thousandfold. You start recognizing abilities within yourself you thought you never had when traveling solo.
  • You step out of your comfort zone. The more you travel, the more you start pushing your boundaries. As you are put into what would seem to be uncomfortable situations, you will learn to take risks and make calculated decisions. Traveling into the unknown will only bring out the best in you.
  • You become an adventurer, you embrace the nomadic lifestyle. Once you realize your confidence levels are sky-high, you start seeking adventure and self discovery. You boldly go where you used to tremble to go before. You start yearning for more thrills in your life. Soon, you will have ticked off more items on your bucket list simply because now you have the confidence to get out there and achieve them.
  • You become more adaptable and easy-going. Traveling involves planning, and constantly changing plans, missed flights, delays and several other mistakes slowly teach you to be more patient and learn ways to fix issues instead of losing your temper. Dealing with these blunders frequently can also make you develop a more relaxed manner and avoid stress.
  • You become more aware and smarter. Once you have hit the road, you will experience new things, learn about places, people, cultures and history. Naturally, this will make you more intelligent and learn to understand how things work around you. This kind of knowledge you cannot pick up from books.
  • You become less materialistic. When you start packing for a trip, you can only carry the essentials, unless you have a private jet and a team of people to help you with your luggage. This helps you differentiate between what you want and what you need, which helps you become a minimalist. To achieve true happiness in life, you will need to learn that difference.
  • You come back a happy person. Simply put, traveling is an enriching experience, rewarding you with stronger qualities and views about things. Once you realize that you have become more confident, relaxed and aware of all the beauty around you, a sense of happiness will enter your life that would not have been able to achieve otherwise. This is why travel makes you awesome.

Things to do Before You Head out on Your Journey to Awesomeness and Self Discovery

Before you hit the road nomad, you will need to focus on a few things to make the journey of self discovery much easier for you. The lesser hiccups you have while on your trip, the more enjoyable it becomes. First things first, decide on your destination and pick where you will be staying. If you have family or friends living there, it will be much easier for you. Otherwise, choose the right hotel or youth hostel or homestay. Read reviews, check prices and book in advance, especially if you are traveling during tourist season.

  • Make sure you have all your vaccinations up to date and stock up on your medication. Check with your insurance providers if their policies are applicable overseas.
  • Carry your passport, along with copies of it, including an electronic copy. Register with your embassy as well.
  • Train yourself on monetary conversion and make sure that your credit card is accepted in the country you are visiting. Always carry local currency.
  • A strong recommendation would be to get yourself an international driver’s license.
  • Buy guidebooks, translator books and research the local events before you leave. Learn simple phrases in the local language.
  • For more details on things you should do before an international trip, click here.

Seize Opportunity and Travel, No Regrets

More often than not, you catch yourself wishing you did the things you thought you could not do, and traveling seems to top the list of regrets almost everybody has. It is an activity that can be performed at any age as long as your health favors it. When people get a job or get married or have children, they “settle down.” Their urge to explore reduces thanks to their responsibilities and need to stay grounded. Aspirations for a nomadic lifestyle simply decline with increasingly responsibility.

A life lived with regrets is a life poorly lived. Do not let your dreams remain dreams. Traveling solo as a nomad can enable a life to be lived to the fullest. As the saying goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” No world explorer or adventurer anywhere in the world has expressed regret over his travels. You might face some unpleasant experiences while on your trip, but they will all make for good memories and experiences.

The enriching lessons you will learn along your journey of self discovery as a world explorer will transform you into a smarter person, more aware and appreciative of the beauty in the world. This is why Why travel makes You awesome. Combining all these achievements, lessons and experiences, you be rest assured you will return from your nomadic lifestyle a much more awesome person than when you started. This is why travel makes you awesome.

Chris is an avid travel writer who enjoys exploring the globe and writing about his exciting travel experiences. Chris produces some of the in depth travel feature articles and interviews here at Gloholiday.

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