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Why you must see Windsor Castle

Every year over 10 million visitors visit London, but there is so much more to the UK than London and one of the places people should also visit is Windsor Castle. Being located just 45 minutes by car from Central London it is within easy reach for those short on time and with a bustling town and historic Castle it is no wonder that this is one of the most visited towns outside of London.

So why must you see Windsor Castle? It is actually the oldest standing biggest castle that is still occupied in the world. It is the official home of her majesty the Queen and it is full of history that goes back over 1000 years. It’s no surprise that the castle has become a very popular tourist hot spot for those that are on holiday to the UK. When the queen mother was still alive, the castle was one of her favourite buildings, and it was actually subject to a fire that damaged part of the castle. It has now been renovated and is re-open to the public in certain areas.


In total the castle has over 13 acres of land and buildings that include a chapel, where 10 UK monarchs are buried, an apartment block that has treasures from the royal collection inside, a lovely dolls house that used to belong to Queen Mary, a gallery that has an art exhibition inside for tourists to lap up British art. In the winter, there are also an additional five areas that are on offer for tourists to go and see. These are five lovely state rooms that are still in use by the royal family today.

Many will have heard about the changing of the guard procession, and you will be able to bear witness to this in Windsor castle on the odd days of October. It must be noted that because the castle is still in use by the Royals today, that the timings that are on offer to members of the public may be changed without prior notice. You really need to make sure that you plan your sightseeing trip to the castle well.

If you go on one of the tours that are on offer you will be introduced to the royal dining area and talked through what used to take place in days gone by, and now! You will get a lovely tour of the kitchens and the state apartments, and then you will be taken to the under croft that is a medieval part of the castle; the area is not usually open to the public unless you participate in the guided tours.

All in all, Windsor castle is a lovely place to go and visit, and certainly one that you should not push under the rug should you be in the UK and wanting to take one of the UK sightseeing tours from London available. British history is very renowned and Windsor Castle is certainly no exception.

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