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World’s Top Airports

The world has numerous airports, and therefore a detailed criterion is used to determine the best of all the options available. The ways in which passengers, cargo and traffic movements are handled feature the basic distinction criteria. With technological advancements many airports are incorporating unique facilities in order to stand out.

There is no doubt that Incheon International Airport is among the top airports in the world, if not the best one of them all. This South Korean airport has received a series of prestigious awards for excellence and commitment to the delivery of high standard services. The airport provides its travelers with plenty of options from ferry services to modern rail network to jet charter services (such as Clay Lacy jet charter) to buses, and it serves over 70 airlines worldwide. This airport features a number of prestigious recreational facilities such as a golf course, spa, sleeping rooms, a casino, and indoor gardens. Visitors to the country can easily conclude that the tour begins right from the airport, which features the Museum of Korean Culture. This museum presents performances that travelers can enjoy as they wait for their connecting flights. Unlike the normal global standards that feature 60 minutes for departure and 45 minutes for arrival, this world-class airport has set higher standards of 16 minutes for departure and 12 minutes for arrival. The Incheon International Airport has the best security processing, the best airport washrooms and it is also famous for its exceptional cleanliness standards.

The Singapore Changi Airport follows closely with its remarkable leisure amenities. The whole plan of the airport was well thought out as it manifests incredible additions such as a swimming pool, fitness center, cinema and open gardens that provide a unique nature trail. This airport is also well-known for featuring the best international transit as well as the best airport dining facilities. It connects with more than 90 international airlines to over 200 destinations around the world.

Hong Kong International Airport is also among the top airports in the world. The Hong Kong airport is the busiest in the world and features a nine-hole golf course where passengers can pass time as they await their flights. This airport also features a fascinating dining experience with a variety of both local and international menus. Its high cleanliness standards are a clear indication of its commitment to deliver the best customer services.

The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the best airport in Europe and among the top worldwide. The airport has demonstrated consistency in its excellent performance in international awards over the years. It features an open airside environment that has never lost its appeal to passengers. This airport opened in 1916 as a militia field and its purpose and appearance has evolved with time. Passengers can now enjoy a massage or have fun at the casino as they await departure.

The Beijing Capital International Airport spreads its wings of success from locally in China to the whole world. This airport features the best baggage delivery services and has not lost its excellent service delivery in spite of a rise in the customer numbers over the past few years. It is also famous for featuring the best airport immigration services. A unique cultural aspect is incorporated in the airport’s tallest building, which is painted red as a symbol of good luck.

A visit to any of these airports is sure to be a great experience- keep them in mind when you plan your next vacation!


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