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russia yelena isinbayeva


Yelena Isinbayeva could not made it this time in 2012 Olympics in London

The Russian Two-time Olympic champion in pole vault Yelena Isinbayeva has failed to win gold in 2012 Olympics in London. In her latest attempt Isinbayeva failed to take the height of 4.80 meters and took the third place in the final. Broadcast of the competition of athletes was led by the channel Eurosport.

russia yelena isinbayeva

russia yelena isinbayeva

Isinbayeva has failed to fulfill her first leap into the final- at 4.55 meters. Then the Russian has consistently claimed the height of 4.65 and 4.70 meters. The bar at a height of 4.75 meters Isinbayeva has forced down twice and the third attempt she moved to the height of 4.80 meters, but could not take it. The Olympic champion became an American Jennifer Sur. Silver medal was won by Cuban Yarisley Silva. Both of these athletes have taken the height of 4.75 meters, and they failed to overcome the bar at a height of 4.80 meters. Sur won the gold medal thank to a smaller number of attempts.

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